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All About Her


Alex Turner

Aka Everyday Poppy Seed


Questions that You May or May Not Want the Answers to

When will so and so get done?

I have no idea. I'm the world's laziest content creator (Lazier than YandereDev lmao)

What does your name come from?

It comes from my obsession with the singer That Poppy XD Her fans are called poppy seeds and well--

What's your favorite anime?

Currently Daganronpa, but the Promised Neverland is a close second!

Who's your waifu?

Darth Sidious uwu But if I had to choose an actual anime girl, it would be Ram (NOT Rem) from Re:Zero TvT Or Angie from Super Daganronpa. Or Mina from MHA

Who is your mascot? And why is she your mascot?

Mascot incoming, she's a sith lord but we're not there

 What's with that weird, blue slenderman reject I keep seeing?

Its name is the Blue Man >;v It was a gift from my grandparents when I was, like, 2 and its been a family inside joke ever since.

Who inspires you? 

U h
In no particular order (besides the first one):
- Virginia Caskie-Johnson
- Sorroki
- Funtimefox259
- HollymRiver
- Kawacy
- TogeticIsa
- Skfuu
- Looji
- Rebecca Parham (LetMeExplainStudios)
- DrawingWiffWaffles
- Kasey Golden
- rjlock
- Matpat
- Glen Keane
- Jazmin Bean
- Poppy

What plays have you even been in?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Verruca Salt
Into the Woods- Florinda
Oklahoma- Aunt Eller
Frozen- Oaken
Gonna be in Shrek soon!! Super excited

What paint program do you use?

Medibang Paint Pro. It's seriously the best free program out there imo ;v;