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About Her

A lesbian, theater-obsessed, nerdy, over-dramatic, 15-year-old nutcase gets into drawing and lets herself spend some time in her mind palace. Whatever could go wrong? 

In case you were curious about the lack of brains behind the operation.

Ahana Patel, a human girl with little recollection of most her life is thrust into leading an army of peace-loving demons, angels, monsters, and humans to stop an ongoing war and save her best friend. Brook Castelli, an angel almost as old as the gods that rule her is suddenly having to deal with the fact that her lover is now a dictator, the fact that she condemned herself to hell and that she's slowly being pulled into her wife's dangerous lifestyle. And of course, everyone else close to both of them being dragged into it along the way.

Karma follows Max, Benjamin, and Bailey as they journey through the wilderness to get to safety from a threat to Max's home town, naturally screwing up the lives of everyone they meet on the way.

A webcomic featuring the sophisticated and loved Swan family and their descent into insanity. It starts when a tragic accident befalls their 6-year-old daughter, Lüa.

An in-progress manga series starring Alyson Fyomai, a young demigod on a mission to dethrone the famous Heracles and free her friends from his tyranny.

Weekly Feature

Art made for any of Poppy's stories, even ones that will never be completed.

So many amazing artists are out there and it means the world to her that somebody would waste their time on her characters. Please go support all of these lovely people TvT